Jars of Clay 247

An inspirational and social justice blog

by Rev. Dr. Valerie J. Alexander

Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog about three (3) years ago as a way to find my voice; to risk vulnerability and get out of my comfort zone; and finally, to inspire and engage with people.

I blog about issues of concern to me. In this year of change and uncertainty, I am blogging more about social justice issues – especially as they pertain to Black lives in general and the lives of Black women in particular. Other times, I offer words of spiritual inspiration. Sometimes, I just blog about whatever is on my mind, be it serious or humorous. But I hope my writings spark some interest or inspiration in you, the reader.

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I welcome and encourage constructive engagement. Send me a comment or tweet to let me know what my blog sparked in you. Or just drop a comment to say hi!

To learn more about me, click on About the Blogger to read my very short bio.

I look forward to engaging with you.

With much love,

Rev. Valerie


Twitter: @Alexander247_9